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Happy Birthday, CKR!

In honor of CKR's 56th birthday, let's celebrate with some randomly selected picspam.

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In prelude to CKR's birthday on the 14th, look at these:

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the_ckr_files to be imported to dreamwidth

Inspired by the recent post at [ profile] ds_flashfiction, I would like to import this comm into Dreamwidth as a protection against LJ doing away with it for lack of current activity.

If anyone has a post here and doesn't want it to be part of the import, please PM me by June 30th with the post URL and I will remove it.

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just a quick post to keep the comm active.

This comm is not dead!

Since LJ has deleted and purged at least one comm ([ profile] ds_match) that's had no activity for some time even though there are (were) many posts it, I'm taking the precaution of making insurance posts in some of the comms I moderate. Apologies for the spam.