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From premiere.fr a short interview about Callum's role in '24' Season 8, made during last June Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

Callum Keith Rennie tells about his Season 8

Yesterday, Canal+ started airing the 8th and last season of Jack Bauer's adventures. One of the bad guys is played by the most awesome actor from 'Californication' Season 2 (and current hero in 'Shattered'): Callum Keith Rennie. During Monte Carlo festival, he told us about his '24' Season 8.

Each '24' season has its dedicated bad guy, as bad as can be (we won't give the name so as not to spoil you). There are also strong characters and this season is no exception.

One of them is played by 'Californication' Season 2 actor, currently starring in 'Shattered'. His role, Vladimir (a Russian terrorist), is a key role, as it's because of him that the beautiful Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) is back...


- Did you know it would be the last season when you were cast?

- No, I didn't know it was the final season, and it was great to get to work on it before it was over because it's been in the consciousness of the world for so long, and very very popular. And I think they tried a couple years ago cause one of the producers on the show is Canadian and there's quite a few Canadians on the show. And Brad Turner knew I was available before I started the Shattered series and so he's asked me if I'd come and do it, it was fantastic. It was great.

- What role do you play?

- The three-episode arc I'm on, I'm a Russian, um, bad guy. And it's, you know, and I don't want to say what happens but, yeah, he's a sort of a low end Russian gangster.

- But he's a key player in the season?

- It's nice, I mean, cause it does bring Renee back and it shows some of it, we had history before and, um, I'm in love with her. But in love in a bad kind of Russian-gangstery way.

You can also watch the interview on youtube.
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